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My goal as a therapist is to create a supportive, non-judgmental environment in which my clients can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit their full potential. I take an open-minded approach to client wellness and consider the client's work life, family traditions, cultural and spiritual beliefs, and sexual identity.

Therapy sessions are offered for individuals, couples, and families as well adolescents coping with:
  • Depression and Bi-polar Disorder
  • Codependency
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Communication issues within couples and families
  • Trust issues stemming from childhood dysfunctions, infidelity, etc.
  • Sexual identity and/or functioning issues
  • Panic Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma
  • Marital/Couples Counseling
Etta is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
Parenting Coordination
Parenting Coordination offers divorcing parents a unique service that may be used during the divorce process or years after.  Parents with serious concerns regarding their co-parent may request, through their attorney, the monitoring services of a Parent Coordinator.  Similar to a guardian, the PC is neutral and working to ensure parental access, as well as protecting children from unnecessary stress.

Etta has been a Parenting Coordinator since 2005.  Parenting Coordinators are licensed psychotherapists who are especially trained in child development, mediation and high conflict. 

Etta Ettlinger, LCSW, PA
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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Tel: 904.273.4099
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